The Secret to ADDING 12" to your vertical Leap


5'8" jump trainer Andy LLoyd  of skigh athletics shows you how he built his 40" vertical leap

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Athletes all over the world have been buzzing about Hustle because it is the first site and application specializing in helping youth athletes develop their skills and become more explosive athletes. Experts agree that Hustle and its training plans, workout routines and practice plans are a total game changer. It's also free to download!


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DEPTH TUCK JUMP PRO TIP: Stand on a chair (or an object as tall as a chair) and take a little hop off the chair. Land with your feet shoulder width apart with your knees just slightly bent. Explode off the ground immediately and brick (tuck) your knees up to your chest.

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To add inches to your vertical, you're going to have to train muscles that don't get much attention during a typical leg workout. This type of unorthodox training can produce results in weeks instead of months.

Pro Tip: Start this exercise kneeling on the ground. Swing your arms violently so you can actually jump off of the ground and land on your feet. Immediately upon landing, swing your arms quickly and jump as high as you possibly can.


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Beginner & advanced PLYOMETRIC workouts

Practice is of course more than just lay-ups.  Use the V-Cut Shooting Bank Shots drill as an additional way to get your players used to the 5-Out Motion Offense. Watch below!

Pro Tip #1: Stress to your players that they need to aim at the top of the square so that they can knock down their shots with greater accuracy.

Pro Tip #2: The further the player is from the hoop, the more important following through on their shot becomes. Don't be shy about telling your players to "Hold your follow-through!"


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Hustle delivers coaches amazing results with 3 key methods


1) Premium Drills

The best coaches know that wins come from doing the right things, from preparation for practice through execution at game time. Hustle is the first expert coach app to offer over 1,000 drills at the beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. Hustle can improve your team's fundamentals and help boost the skills of the most advanced players.


2) Practice Plans

Even the most experienced coaches often tend to use the same set of drills repeatedly, season after season. Learn from college coaches, professional players and expert trainers who have years of experience crafting drills, exercises and workouts. Try it for free!


3) Skills Development Routines

From ballhandling to defense, footwork to passing, rebounding to scoring the winning shot, we know that it can be challenging to cover all of the coaching fundamentals in limited time. Our world-class coaches show you how to cover it all in just one season.


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Uri M., 8th grade rec league coach

I only have so much time to get my kids ready for games. Planning practices can be difficult and tedious, particularly towards the end of the season. Hustle saved me a ton of time and introduced me to some new drills that the kids really love. I highly recommend it to any rec league coach.” 


Aaliyah M., college player

“I have been playing basketball all my life. Until I started using Hustle, it was tough to find new drills or get motivated to break out of my usual routine. I love the Hustle Drill of the Week because it helps me become a more complete player.” 


Ryan M., college point guard

"Every kid who is serious about basketball wants to play in college. Not many people want to put the work in. Unless you are a once-in-a-lifetime athlete, you need to be able to understand the game at a fundamental level and build skills that will help you succeed. If you want a way to get ahead of the competition to find specific drills to improve any aspect of your game, use the Hustle app ."


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