Advanced Post moves

with Pat Ehland

College center Pat Ehland shares the advanced post moves that have helped him dominate the interior at the high school and collegiate ranks.

Up and Under Counter Hook (Dream Shake)

If you're playing against a good defender, they might not fall for your Up and Under Move. Very few defenders can recover from two fakes to stop a third move. That's why the Up and Under Counter Hook can be so effective. When you catch the ball in the post, forward pivot and show your defender the ball. When they bite on your pump fake, rip the ball through. As your defender recovers, perform a 180 degree forward pivot, square your shoulders to the rim and elevate with a hook shot.

Reverse Pivot Rip-Through

When you have already beaten your defender with a Reverse Pivot Jump Shot, they will likely be playing you more closely. Use the Reverse Pivot Rip Through to draw the defender in and then blow by them as you make your way to the hoop.

Reverse Pivot Spin-Back

Once you've beaten your defender with the Reverse Pivot Rip Through, they're going to take away the middle. That's when you hit them with the Reverse Pivot Spin Back. Catch the ball in the post, perform a reverse pivot, rip the ball through and plant into a spin move.

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