All American Ballhandling

with Taliek Brown of Team FOOTPRINTZ

Hailing from NYC, Taliek Brown is a Co-Founder of FOOTPRINTZ Elite Basketball Training as well as Co-Lead Skills Instructor where he has worked with many developmental as well as elite and several AAU / CYO / High School teams across the nation. As a McDonald’s All American (2000) and NCAA Champion (UCONN-2004), Taliek understands the commitment needed to be a successful basketball player and this knowledge is evident in his game relevant drills. A “gym rat”, Taliek he has had phenomenal success over the last 4 years working with high school & college players as they prepared for their upcoming seasons. In addition, his ability to relate to the elite player has help him increase many NBA players’ skill set in the “OFF Season” Taliek, recently voted 17th best player in University of Connecticut’s storied history, has worked with players in China, Philippines, and Macedonia as well as United States. In addition, he has worked closely with Ganon Baker, Tyler Relph, 3D Athletics and many other notable skill enhancers. Currently, Taliek rejoins the staff at LaGuardia Community College (Queens, NY) after a year at August Martin High School where he lead the Jamaica, NY team into the PSAL's Final Four (B Division). Taliek, is available to travel nationally and internationally for camps and training throughout the summer and early fall months.

Ballhandling Combos & Passes

This drill quickens your reflexes by making you react off of the dribble. You'll go through a progression of combos and chest passes: 10 reps of a 2-move combo followed by a 1-hand chest pass., then 10 reps of a 3-move combo followed by a 1-hand chest pass.

Retreat Dribble

You've got to be able to retreat from the defense just as well as you attack the basket. Mastering the retreat dribble will open up the defense to allow you to get open looks for yourself and create plays for your teammates.


Advanced Two-Ball Dribbling Series

This is a great drill to get warmed up and to build elite-level hand-eye coordination. To get the most out of this series, you've got to push yourself and work hard the entire time.

  1. 2-Ball Pounds Low;
  2. 2-Ball Pounds High;
  3. 2-Ball Pounds Alternating Low;
  4. Back & Forth;
  5. In & Out;
  6. 2-Ball Pound Shuffles;
  7. 2-Ball Pound with Resistance (forward, backward, sideways)

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