Beginner Plyometrics

with Skigh Athletics

Andy Lloyd of Skigh Athletics provides guidance through this vertical leap training course that you can perform in the gym or in your house. Phase 1 of 3

Quarter Squat Jumps

Stand with feet slightly farther than shoulder width apart. Swing your arms back when you quarter squat down, then up towards the sky and explode up into the air. Land in an athletic position and explode up immediately, repeating the process until you’re finished with the set. *More advanced movement is bringing knees up to chest for each jump.*

Single Leg Ski Jumps

Start on left leg in a squat position with your right leg behind you and a little to the left of your left leg, jump to your right and land on your right leg with your left leg behind you and to the right of your right leg. Keep this movement quick and explosive and remember to swing your arms. For the first week you need to complete 10 reps, so each set should be done accordingly: 5 (or half) left and 5 (or half) right.


Depth Tuck Jumps

Stand on a chair (or an object as tall as a chair) and take a little hop off the chair. Land with your feet shoulder width apart with your knees just slightly bent. Explode off the ground immediately and brick (tuck) your knees up to your chest.

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