Beginner Post moves

with Pat Ehland

College center Pat Ehland provides a how-to guide for mastering fundamental post moves. This plan is ideal for young players who are just starting out or for guards who want to improve their inside game.

Low Post Positioning

The first step in dominating the paint is getting the correct positioning. You want to establish yourself just above the block. This will allow you to attack the baseline, go middle or step out, depending on how your defender plays you.

Getting Open: T-Defender

Now that we know where to position ourselves in the low post, we need to know how to get open. One method of getting open is called the T position. Plant one forearm on your defender's body (don't extend your arm - we don't want to foul!) and place your feet perpendicular to your defender's feet (this is where the name "T Defender" comes from). Call for the ball with your open hand.

Getting Open: Swim Move

An effective way to establish position in the paint is the Swimmer's Stroke. Start by coming across the lane, taking a jab-step away from the passer, raising one arm above your defender and "swimming" across their body. Be sure not to elbow the defender or cause an offensive foul.

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