How to score in the Lane

with Ryan Maha

Every basketball player, whether a guard, forward or center, needs to know how to score in the lane. In this workout, college point guard Ryan Maha walks us through different moves players can use to get a clear shot at the rim. He covers everything from fundamental moves such as a Basic Layup to more advanced techniques used by NBA stars like Russell Westbrook, James Harden and Steph Curry.

Basic Layup

You'll have to master the basics of attacking the basket before you can expect to move onto advanced moves. Get the fundamentals down!


When you're in a situation where you've beaten your defender, you'll often have to deal with help-side defense. You could spin off of the oncoming defender.  If that's not an option or if you're not comfortable pulling that move out of your bag, you can avoid the defense (and taking a charge) by using the Hop-Step. 

First, you want to have a wide base as you come into the lane. This will help you keep balance as you get knocked into by defenders. Take your dribble towards the hoop then  you want to hop off of two feet on a diagonal away from the help defense. Finally, land on both feet and go up for your layup.


Sometimes it's not possible to get all the way to the hoop because there's a big, shot-blocking defender clogging up the lane. Here's where you would break out your floater. What this shot allows you to do is to get the ball up and over your defender's arms and still get an effective shot up from close range.

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