No-Weight Leg Workout

with Skigh Athletics

Since there’s no actual weight lifting here, be very focused on these exercises and make sure you don’t rush the next few sets. Concentrate each muscle on each repetition for every exercise. So, if you’re doing lunges, don’t just get through the reps. Go very slowly on the way down into the lunge (count 3-5 seconds) and then explode up.

Single Leg Lunges

4 total sets X 6 reps each leg in each set. Go down into a lunge position slowly and explode off of the ground back into a standing position. Repeat.

Exaggerated Sumo Squat Side Shuffles

3 sets each direction for 30 seconds each set. Stand in an athletic position as if you're playing defense and get wide and low to the ground. Take a small step to the (for this example) your right. Bring your left leg in to get back to your original sumo squat stance (be sure not to bring your left leg too far underneath your body - you want to keep a wide distance between your feet). Repeat the process and don't stand up between reps.


Sprinter's Start

2 sets of 5 reps. Act as if you're going to race against Usain Bolt for 10 yards. Get down in a sprinter's stance and then just take off as quickly as possible and sprint as hard as you possibly can for 10-15 yards.

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