Pick and Roll Guard skills

with 3dAthletics

This skills development workout was designed by Coach Michael Rossetti of 3d Athletics to help high school and college level point guards hone their ballhandling and decision making skills. Coach Rossetti and his staff have several years of experience training players at all levels, including collegiate, international and the NBA.

Setup Series Part One

This is the first in a series on how to break down your defender on the perimeter. Using spacing, gaps in the defense and defensive reactions, the point guard should be able to identify ways to get to the basket for an open shot.

Side Ball Screen

For smaller players, protecting the ball while seeing the court can prove to be a challenge. This drill emphasizes techniques will allow players to assess the defense while guarding the basketball.

Counter to Hedge

This drill covers what a point guard can do to counter a hedging defender who is attempting to disrupt a pick-and-roll.

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