Step-Back Shooting Technique

with Ryan Maha

The step back is a move that allows players to gain separation from their defender. NBA players, Like Steph Curry and Kevin Durant, use different variations of the step back all the time to get a clean shot off. This workout by college point guard Ryan Maha will show you a variety of different step backs you can use to add variety to your perimeter game.

Off-Hand Step-Back

Players will dribble with their non-shooting hand towards the basket. They will use their shooting side foot to step back. While stepping back off of their shooting side leg, they will simultaneously do an inside-out dribble with their off hand. Players will then push back and land in the triple threat position.

Strong-Side Step-Back

Players will dribble the ball with their shooting hand towards the basket. They will use their opposite leg to plant and step back from their defender. A key to this step back is getting your feet square and in triple threat position.

Punch Drag Step-Back

Players will dribble toward the basket with their shooting hand. They will push (punch) their shooting side foot at their defender and then drag it back into shooting position. This step back is meant to get the defender on their heels with the punch jab at them and then make it easy for you to get your foot back into your shot.

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