Nobody saw him coming. Oklahoma’s Trae Young had almost no buzz prior to the start of the 2017-2018 NCAA basketball season, but since delivering multiple 40-plus point games with an incredible shooting percentage, deep range and the greenest of green lights, everyone is singing his praises. The star point guard is leading the nation in points per game and assists per game, while getting comparisons to Steph Curry for his shooting prowess and quick release. He’s also carrying his team to one of the Sooners' best seasons in recent memory.

Watching Young hit shots from well beyond the 3-pt line is exciting, but it’s also interesting to take note of the techniques he uses to create space from defenders. When reviewing his highlights, you see that he does a great job of putting the defender off balance, then capitalizing with his quick release. These techniques do not come automatically for anyone, even players at elite levels… they require a lot of work through repetition and patience. Thankfully, in the free basketball training mobile app, Hustle, you can learn these same moves today.

Step-Back Techniques with Ryan Maha - In this practice plan on the Hustle app, college point guard Ryan Maha will show you a variety of different step-backs you can use to add variety to your perimeter game. He starts by showing you how to do the off-hand step-back, then the strong side step-back, focusing on footwork and balance. You’ll also learn two variations on the between-the-legs step-backs, and finish with the punch drag step-back. Learning these drills will take your perimeter game to the next level, but they require practice and repetition to master.

Kobe Freeze Drill - In this drill, you’ll learn from Ganon Baker how to create space between you and the defender with a move perfected by Kobe Bryant. Start by dribbling the ball twice, then fake that you’re going to drive to the basket, but instead pull up for a quick mid-range jumper.

How to Master Your Hesitation Pull Up Jump Shot - Coach Koran Godwin shows you a good drill for creating space prior to the jump shot by dribbling the ball through your legs on the front side, then bringing the ball back through your legs on the backside leading to a pull-up jumper. This drill is a little more advanced, but will freeze defenders when you master it.

Like I said, these moves don’t come to any elite player like Trae Young overnight. They require practice and repetition. Thankfully, with the Hustle app, you can find the above drills along with hundreds more to take your game to the next level.