Here are 3 inspirational speeches that you can use to get your team ready for any situation

When a big game is coming up, you know all the steps you need to take to make sure your team is ready to play their best and deliver for each other. This takes a concerted effort on your part as the team’s coach. You’ve studied your opponent, made sure that your players have worked on the areas they need to work on, and devised a plan to win. But when game time rolls around, are you ready to say what needs to be said to motivate your team? What if things aren’t going well after the first half, how do you get your players back up and ready for the second half? How do you teach your team sportsmanship in both victory and defeat? With Hustle’s new feature called In the Huddle, you can learn from some of the best in these areas.

Pat Summitt Halftime Speech: In this speech, the late Pat Summitt begins with a factual approach supported by data by referencing the rebounding differential and discussing opportunities for better defense across the middle. She focuses on fundamentals and discusses adjustments that need to be made based on the calls being made by the referees. Coach Summitt also consults with her assistant coaches, who discuss statistics and opportunities. She then consults with leaders from the team to identify opportunities that they’re seeing. She ends the halftime speech by appealing emotionally about this game being a chance of a lifetime, and challenges her team to show how tough they are.

This Is Your Moment Pregame Speech: Learn from Evergreen coach Amy Bahl as she delivers a simple message to her team prior to the 2016 4A girls basketball championship game. By highlighting the importance of this particular moment, she has helped her players contextualize all the work that has led up to this moment. She helps her players focus on delivering because life is made up of several key moments, and this is one of those big moments. Her players need to trust in their coaches and each other, and need to play as a team and have fun.

We Are a Family Post-Game Speech: NDSU Bison head coach David Richman delivers this post-game speech following their 86–76 loss to Gonzaga in the 2nd round of the NCAA Tournament. Though everyone on the team is disappointed, Coach Richman highlights the great things that his team accomplished over the course of the season. He implores his team to remember where their finish line is. They need to know and understand that they are a family, and had an amazing opportunity that very few people had. They were underdogs, and they outperformed everyone’s expectations. He also thanked his players for raising the bar at NDSU basketball, and looked forward to the future.

Knowing what to say to your players to motivate them to give their all is not something that automatically comes easy to most coaches. It takes years of experience to learn what works for your style. But thankfully with the Hustle app, you can learn from some of the best coaches out there. Check out the new In the Huddle feature today.