These are the Items to Teach Your Kid to Love Basketball from an Early Age

For most of us, we don’t remember a time when basketball wasn’t a part of our lives. We remember playing at the park or in the driveway, and always looked forward to March Madness to cheer along with our friends and family. NBA games on TNT and ESPN were must see TV, and we idolized our favorite stars and tried to mimic their moves on the court.

Naturally, you want to share that lifelong love for the game with your children, but besides watching the games together and cheering on your favorite teams, there’s also a ton of great items on the market to instill that sense of love for basketball at an early age. Here at Hustle, we focus on building the best basketball app out there, but we also want to help you make good decisions with the products you buy. That’s why we created this list to help you teach your kid to love basketball.

Little Tikes Easy Score Basketball Set

This basketball set is a classic and a must-have for any kid’s play space at an amazing price. It’s durable, so it can withstand some pretty serious dunking from toddlers and little kids. One of the best things about this hoop is that you can adjust the height as your child grows, that way they won’t outgrow this in a few months like they do with most other toys. The base of the unit is meant to be filled with sand to prevent it from tipping. It’s even fun for the adults sometimes when you want to sit back and play some hoops with your kids from your knees on the carpet.

Get the Easy Score Basket Here

Spalding NBA Slam Jam Over-The-Door Mini Basketball Hoop

This over-the-door basketball set is a blast for your kid’s bedroom since it truly mimics a real NBA basketball hoop and looks great as well. The rim is made of steel with a break away feature that protects it from getting damaged after some serious dunking. The only downside is that it’s a little bit loud when the ball hits the backboard, but the fun definitely outweighs any annoyances here.

Get the Slam Jam Here

ESPN EZ Fold Indoor Basketball Game for 2 Players with LED Scoring and Arcade Sounds

Are you ready to have the coolest game room in the neighborhood? With this indoor shooter game with arcade lights and sounds, you and your kids can compete by shooting hoops side by side just like you do at Dave & Busters. There’s 8 different games that you can play, and it’s fun playing by yourself or against a partner. When not in use, you can easily fold it up to save space, but I have a feeling this one isn’t going to stay hidden in your game room.

Get the ESPN EZ Fold Here

Wilson NCAA Street Shot Basketball

When your kid is ready to hit the driveway or the park, you’re going to need a good official size basketball. There’s plenty of brands out there, but Wilson makes one of the best products at a great price that will last for years. These are always a hit for birthdays or holidays, and any garage can never have enough. The composite leather on this ball is heavy duty and can handle the abuse on a driveway or cement basketball court.

Get the Wilson Street Shot Here

Spalding 66291 Pro Slam Portable Basketball System with 54-Inch Acrylic Backboard

You need this in your driveway! At an amazing price, your kids will love this portable basketball hoop from Spalding. The rim height can be adjusted from 7.5 to 10 ft in increments of 6 inches so that your younger ones can aspire to fly like Lebron a little earlier than usual. This hoop is excellent for the price, but don’t expect this to be professional level set up. But with a hoop like this, your kids can feel like a pro in your driveway!

Get the Pro Slam Here

It’s completely understandable to want your kids to love basketball just like you do. Continue to practice with them (using the Hustle app), bring them to games, sign them up for leagues, watch games on TV together, and fill out that bracket every March. But at the same time, you should also consider some of these great products for your home.