So because there is a “Dummies” for everything, there is a fantastic one for basketball coaches that can be found on-line. If you have never used these resources please do not take this as an insult that we are suggesting you take advice from it - but we are sharing some Dummies wisdom because we think it is just that. It operates as a sort of easy to read summary of all the main points you should hit on and cover as a coach. What it doesn’t do is get into the nitty gritty details of things like drills, or where to find them. Don’t worry about that part, Hustle Fitness has you covered. Our app, which is free to download for Apple and Android users, will give you everything you need to fill in the holes. As for the basics - here’s what Coaching Basketball for Dummies Cheat Sheet says:

Being a basketball coach involves always being prepared for practice and running a practice that’s fun and productive. An effective coach keeps players motivated and builds both individual and team confidence. Know what to say and how to say it before, during, and after a basketball game to impact the performance and morale of your players.

Prepare for Practice

This means that you show up with a practice plan that has drills and reserve drills just in case the drills you were going to use are not working out well. You also need to have equipment and first aid supplies on hand, or available, including extra equipment (pylons or markers for your drills are key). As well, have your whistle handy.

This means holding practices that are entertaining, challenging and motivational to the kids. They should be developing skills and loving the game. Drills that keep the kids active, involve their parents and spectators, are mixed up so they don’t become boring, and that the kids like are the best ones. Letting the kids know when you see improvements in their skills and do things well, rather than when they do it poorly will help with their enthusiasm. And to make practice more enjoyable try to always end with the kids’ favorite drill.

Motivate the Players Through Your Coaching

This means getting them to “give their best efforts, not get discouraged, and strive to become the best they can be on the court.” In order to do this try to focus on encouraging them to bring out their best selves no matter how the game is going. You should restrain any negative emotions and never yell at them. Allow mistakes without humiliation, and show each player that you are confident in them and their abilities. Focus on positive critical feedback, “For example, instead of saying, “Don’t turn the ball over,” say, “Control the ball just like you did so well in practice this week.” And use any time outs to reinforce positivity, such that if you have to deliver negative information you always sandwich it between two pieces of positive information. This will help you build confidence in the youth you coach.

Note that there are two main themes in what this great guide says about being a coach: choosing and using the right set of drills strategically to get your team excited and ready to play their best game and then inspiring them through your coaching and leadership style. We have several other blogs that get into leadership and pep talks, and will have much more on this in the coming months so keep reading. Regarding the drills, Hustle has the low-down.

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