For many soccer players and coaches, the “beautiful game” has become a pursuit that spans across all seasons. When weather permits (and even when weather doesn’t cooperate), players have more opportunities to work on their game than ever before. Because of this, there’s no better time than now to sharpen your skills as a player or coach, and there are a lot of great resources in the app store today to help you achieve your soccer training goals. Let’s walk through a few of our favorites here:

Techne Futbol

Techne Futbol Logo

Techne is a solid app that delivers unique weekly technical sessions with options for players of all levels. When working out on your own, this app helps you stay motivated by providing you with a scoring mechanism where you can compete based on time spent with other Techne users and view leaderboards. There’s also a fun aspect of this app where you can earn gear and prizes as you make progress. This app is a little pricey though, at $37.99 per month, but you get a lot with that hefty subscription fee.

Hustle Sports Training: At-Home Soccer Drills

Hustle Sports Training Logo

The drill curators at Hustle obviously put in a lot of effort to provide users with the best organized drills and training videos out there. If you want to work on footwork, it’s easy to find a section of drills that focus on that particular area. If you want to work on crossing and finishing, Hustle has videos by experts from the soccer world who explain what it takes to get better. Also, the interface makes it really easy to use – not only do you have well organized drill categories, you can see new drills as they’re added and can sort and save your favorites. For coaches, Hustle makes it especially easy to find drills to organize a practice around since the content is so comprehensive.

TacticalPad Session Planner and Match Analysis App

TacticalPad Logo

TacticalPad is a great tool for soccer coaches to draw out offensive and defensive formations to help visualize the plays that will be run in live practice or games. It offers high quality graphics and 3D visualization, which takes white boarding to a new level. The visualizations are then shareable with a convenient notepad section where the drills can be explained in greater detail so that fellow coaches or players can understand the tactics behind the plays outlined. We especially like the pre-loaded templates, which makes it easy for beginners to start designing plays with very minimal learning curve.

Premier League Official App

Premier Leagu App logo

This one is not technically a training app, but it’s wildly popular and a must for Premier League fans. In the app, you can manage your Fantasy Premier League team, view up to 27 years of statistics from some of your favorite players, and watch some of the greatest moments in league history. During matches, it’s fun to follow along with live bloggers and commenters in real-time. You can follow your favorite clubs and get all the news you want based on filters for what you’re interested in. But for most of us, the fun with this app is how it allows you to build your fantasy team.

DribbleUp Soccer

DribbleUp Soccer Ball

The makers of the popular smart soccer ball have a slick app to accompany their innovative practice ball. The app uses your smartphone’s camera to compare your moves to the virtual trainer. When using the ball, you get a wide a range of data points to give you feedback as your progress. Use this app and the ball while developing better footwork, and get real empirical evidence showing players their progress. The app offers hundreds of hours of workouts, and each in-app drill is demonstrated clearly by experts. At $90, it's the priciest of the soccer training options we've discussed here.