5-OUT motion offense

with Coach Zach Skrinjar

The 5-out motion offense is a fantastic primary offense for basketball teams at any level, but particularly youth basketball teams. In this tutorial, Coach Zach Skrinjar of Fox Chapel High School in Pittsburgh walks you through this positionless offense that relies on spacing the floor and a set of rules to assist players in determining their movements and actions. Because players are constantly reading the play of their teammates and defenders, the 5-out motion offense is great for teaching youth players how to understand the game basketball.

Principles of the Down Screen

Footwork and communication are critical components to setting up the 5-Game motion offense. Make sure your players are communicating when screens are coming and taking v-cuts away from the screen to set up and lose their defender.

V-Cut Shooting: Layups

To get our players used to the fundamentals of the 5-Game motion offense, we use the V-Cut shooting drill. We emphasize having our players "walk" their defenders down the lane at the outset of a v-cut, then planting and moving away from the defenders. It's important for players to have their hands up to make a target for the passer and to get into triple-threat position once they catch the ball.


V-Cut Shooting: Bank Shots

When players are able to get into the lane, they won't always be able to shoot layups. We teach our players to rise up off of two feet and shoot bank shots off of the corner of the square. Doing repetitions of this shot in practice adds another shot to their arsenal and helps them avoid chargers in games.

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