Explosive Leg Lifts

with Blaze Sports Performance

Strength and conditioning trainer Nate Blazevich created this workout to help you focus on improving your linear speed, agility, changes of direction and reaction times. If you want faster foot speed, this is the workout for you.

NBA Combine Agility

NBA scouts use this drill to assess prospects' agility before they enter the NBA Draft. NBA Guards can typically finish this drill in 10-10.9seconds, Forwards in 11-11.5seconds and Centers in 11.5-12seconds.

Pro Shuttle Run

This drill is also used by NBA scouts to rank prospects' athletic ability. Scouts are looking at players' ability to change direction quickly. Cones are set apart 10 yards apart from each other. A good NBA prospect can finish the shuttle run in 4.3-4.4 seconds.


Icky Shuffle Ladder Run

This ladder maneuver makes you focus on lateral movements while stepping into and out of the rungs. Shuffle side-to-side while advancing forward.

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