Big East Point Guard Workout

with Ashton Gibbs

 Former University of Pittsburgh standout Ashton Gibbs knows a few things about next-level training. As a point guard, he helped establish Pitt as a perennial Big East powerhouse with his gritty play and high basketball IQ. In this workout, Ashton will put you through the same routine his father (who played at Temple) designed to get the most out of his three Division-I collegiate sons (Ashton's brother T.J. played at Notre Dam and Sterling played at Seton Hall).

Stationary Ball Handling

Stationary ball handling drills that include several segments of two-ball dribbling. Each segment should take one minute to complete.

  1. Two-ball dribbling together.
  2. Two-ball dribbling alternating.
  3. Two-ball dribbling left high, right low.
  4. Two-ball dribbling left low, right high.
  5. Drop it, bring it over.
  6. Drop it, bring it over reverse.
  7. Two-ball crossovers.
  8. Two-ball behind-the-back.
  9. Two-ball behind-the-back reverse

Combo Ball Handling

This drill combines finishing different ways and advanced ball handling. We'll place a cone outside the 3-point line and at the foul line extended. For each of the three repetitions per series, the player will need to make moves at each cone before finishing a different way at the hoop

  1. Two moves at each cone, finish with a regular layup, reverse layup and floater.
  2. Three moves at each cone, finish with a regular layup or reverse layup.
  3. Two moves at each cone, finish as quickly as possible with a jump-stop layup

These series should be repeated for the opposite side of the court.


Attack the Basket

Full-court combination ball handling means that the player will be performing different moves up and back on the court. The player should emphasize releasing the ball as quickly as possible.

Here's the order of moves up and down the court:

  1. Through the legs, crossover.
  2. In-and-out crossover, between the legs.
  3. Through the legs, behind the back crossover.
  4. Double behind the back, crossover.
  5. Double through the legs, wrap around behind the back.
  6. Mix and match: constant moves up the court and back within 10 seconds for each direction.

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